Monday, May 01, 2006

Easter Eggs

Here are some pictures from the easter egg dying party i had at my apartment. The pictures pretty much show the whole process from start to finish: we tried it the traditional way...with onion peels. I went to a market and begged about 10 different vendors if they'd give me onion peels! Then i bought some pretty greens...and the secret ingredient: panty hose! you take the uncooked egg, put a piece of pretty greenery on it, and wrap the panty hose around the egg and tie it to hold the green in place. then you fill a pot with water, onion peels, salt, and the eggs, and set the pot to boil on low heat for almost 45 minutes...the result speaks for itself i think!
Oh! and i forgot to mention that on Easter Sunday, I received a text message from Etchmiadzin. For those who don't know, Etchmiadzin is the Holy See of the Armenian church. Essentially, Etchmiadzin is to the Armenian Apostolic Church, as the Vatican is to the Roman Catholic Church. So basically, I got the equivalent of a text message from the Pope.


Deb said...

Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures and specific directions on how to make the eggs. I am making some for a project and had not found any so pretty.

:) Deb - Orlando, FL

Janie said...

These are really beautiful! Much prettier the plain brown eggs that I remember from my childhood. I'm going to try this next year~ thanks for sharing!