Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I'm a tree-hugger

There is a big effort from environmental NGOs here to work on the reforestation of Armenia. During the early 90s after the collapse of the Soviet system, there was no power or heat for almost 2 years, and in that time practically all the trees and forests were cut down and used to burn for heat. The threat of complete deforestation is dire if nothing is done to curtail it.
Above and to the left are photos from a tree-planting trip we did in Gegharkunik Region (near Lake Sevan) about two weeks ago . The impetus for getting AVC involved with reforestation projects is largely thanks to Sayat and Maral (in blue and yellow jackets, respectively), our volunteers from Istanbul who came to Armenia with the concern and zeal to plant trees for the benefit of Armenia's future.

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