Saturday, June 10, 2006

In the Company of Artists

Meet the impressive crowd with whom I spent an enchanting evening last weekend. I love them.

Michael: the Emmy-winning television and film actor/director from LA (you may recognize him from Party of Five, Leaving Las Vegas, episodes of House, CSI, or as the director of Illusions starring Kirk Douglas)
Ivana: the miniature-manuscript artist and theater actress from Belgrade
Vrej: the professional cartoonist/caricaturist from Syria
Bella: the print and television journalist
Vaughan: the Cambridge/Oxford/Harvard educated (not kidding) filmmaker from London
Eric: the Newsweek journalist from Paris
Arzvin: the Armenian film scholar and critic, organizer of the International Golden Apricot Film Festival
Serj/“Ioj”: the extremely-animated pantomimist and stage actor
Mika: the film and stage director

The stylish cocktail party at Vrej's studio continued on into a fantastic night of ridiculous dancing at Monte Cristo...

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Anonymous said...

Icks louse ....have fun it is so wonderful to have great people around...