Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Corruption, taxation and car bombs

Recently was informed that the oligarchs, mafia and government are all one in the same here. That they as a collective whole make it virtually impossible for a regular citizen to start even a small or mid size business because they will come after you with ludicrous tax rates unless you pay them off. And if you refuse to bribe, then they will fabricate other reasons why you will be charged extra fees for, in addition to creating other “complications” the business owner. Of course, the money that the “tax department” “collects” does not go to fund social services or pensions, but instead lines the pockets of those well-connected oligarchs with pull in the government.

Clearly, said oligarchs would not be pleased if their practices were put to an end. So, yeah, I guess assasination is one way to deal with it.

"The Armenian government’s top official in charge of detecting and investigating tax evasion was killed in a car explosion in downtown Yerevan early on Wednesday."

However, I really don’t know what to make of the whole thing. If you read through the whole article, the scenario sounds more and more suspicious. I’m sure no one can with good conscience say that Hovasapian was just an innocent civil servant who was martyred for his diligent work at trying to stop corruption in the interest of the average citizen of Armenia.

Problem is that most everything related to the rule of law here seems to fall in that murky grey area…

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