Tuesday, February 27, 2007

After LENGTHY national debate, some form of dual citizenship is here

Dual citizenship law passed
26.02.2007 15:36
- With 66 pro, 5 con votes and 1 abstention, Armenian National Assembly adopted the amendments to the Law on dual citizenship at second reading. The United Labor party voted against. The opposition did not participate in the voting.

Let us remind that this amendment establishes the institute of dual citizenship in the republic and our compatriots residing in different sites of the world gain the right to elect and be elected.

Dual citizens cannot run for president and parliament, they will not be allowed to be members of the Constitutional Court.

According to Justice Minister David Harutyunyan, political agreement has been reached on the following issue: “Dual citizens who have no place of registration in Armenia will not participate in elections. Correspondingly, dual citizens having a place of registration in Armenia attain franchise. In fact, no additional precincts will be opened for citizens not registered in Armenia.

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