Thursday, February 08, 2007

Welcome back to the USSR

hahahaha. anyone who's been to Russia, Easten Europe, the Caucasus, the Baltics...the Soviet bloc in general...will find this amusing. hilarious for those like me who have never even tried the vile looking liquid.

Kvas is it!
Coke taps Soviet brew
Tom Parfitt in Moscow
Tuesday February 6, 2007 The Guardian

It is seen as a quintessentially Russian item, on a par with vodka, felt boots and troikas. But now Coca-Cola, the ultimate symbol of western capitalism, is to start producing kvas, the Russian drink made from fermented bread which is sometimes called "the Coke of Communism".

The soft drinks giant is in talks with beverage companies in Moscow over bottling the drink, a murky concoction that is often sold from tankers in the street.

Kvas, which can contain berries, fruit or birch sap, has been supped by peasants since the middle ages.

For some older Russians, Coca-Cola's muscling in on the kvas market may be hard to stomach, bearing in mind the company once symbolised the great cold war enemy, the United States.

A popular Soviet anecdote has Russian cosmonauts calling their leader, Leonid Brezhnev, to tell him they have reached the Moon and painted it red. A month later the cosmonauts call back in despair, saying: "The Americans have brought white paint and written Coca-Cola on it."

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nazarian said...

Anoush, Would you like to exchange links on our blogs?

kronstadt said...

The main difference between Coca-Cola and Kvas is that while the former is very bad for health, the latter is proven to be nutricious and useful.

It would be horrible to see "The coke of Communism" to be sold by the Santa Clause corporation.