Friday, May 12, 2006

"Best of" Day 1

How to show 2 non-Armenians a fabulous time in Armenia in just 3 days:

1. First and foremost, those people should be wonderful people themselves who have the open mind and itch to find out more about the world! Let me introduce mine: Steph, my best friend from high school and Dace (pronounced Dat-sey) from Riga, Latvia.
2. When they come in tired and broken from being squeezed into a mini-bus sharing seats with babushkas and being married off by said babushkas on a 7 hour ride from Tblisi, Georgia take them out for their first taste of KHOROVATZ (armenian bbq) and Armenian red wine at the Caucasus Tavern.
3. Let the weary traveler's sleep in and head out for a day of touring after tea and breakfast. Hire a driver to take you to three of the heavy hitters: The pagan temple of Garni, 13th century Geghart Monastery, and the Holy See- Etchmiadzin (the Vatican of the Armenian church). In retrospect, interestingly enough, this little triumvirate makes for a nice breezy tour of the relgious progression of Armenia as a nation...

Of course the travelling day couldn't be complete without a stop at a local store to purchase fresh bread, cucumbers, tomatos and cheese for an open air picnic on the road!

4. Come back to Yerevan, and have authentic DOLMA (stuffed grapeleaves) for dinner at the adorable The CLUB restaurant.

Furthermore, if your guest shows even an inkling of interest in finding out what Tutti Oghi might be (mulberry vodka), it would be unfathomable not to have a shot or two so she can taste the potent liquor (80% alcohol!) for herself. Be prepared to stumble around for the rest of the's not suprising to find yourselves acting like fools at a local bar later on...


Anonymous said...

love your post, love armenia, love you.
thank you again for a truly eye-opening, enriching, fabulous time.
next adventure: Latvia!

Dylan said...


Teny Mishigian said...

Parev Anoush!!! It's Teny!
Thank you for the lovely insight on Our Armenia/Mer Seeron Hayasdan...I must say, however, as happy as I was to view it, a certain overwhelming sadness had just washed over me the glorified pride and beauty and tragic tears is the ONLY mix a true Armenian can certainly feel, but I suppose that is the spirit, strength, and sadness we must carry on our shoulders, whether in Hayasdan or the Diaspora, continuing our legacy.
I suppose in one day, I must soon return...

I will keep coming back to your page as often as you remind us of any new additions, pictures, thoughts, etc. you have kindly added. Togh hubard ulank, togh HYE munank!!

Tebee Yergeer!! :)
Teny Mishigian, Tecumseh, MI, USA

Diana said...

I'm so jealous, you have no idea. I miss you, Reefer

Emily said...

I love this blog- it makes me smile when i see all the amazing things you are doing. I hope to see what you have done and where you have been sometime in the near future.

Ciao cara mia!

pedro said...

i just discovered your blogs.. very nice and interesting... and this has nothing to do with your bogs but you're a little cutie! hehe..